10.02.2016 | 20:30 | Bix
The Rick Hollander Quartet
featuring Brian Levy

Brian Levy – ts
Paul Braendle – g
Will Woodard – b
Rick Hollander - dr

Count the all new Rick Hollander Quartet as being a long time in the making. Like its
predecessor, the original and highly acclaimed Rick Hollander Quartet, the all new RHQ brings together like-minded individuals whose passion for making stunning, modern acoustic jazz is rivaled only by their shared commitment to deliver 100% at each and every performance. New sounds, inspired by the revolutionary music created during the golden era of modern jazz by Charlie Parker and Bud Powell, by Miles Davis and John Coltrane, by Freddie Hubbard and Ornette Coleman, flow freely here.

Tenor Saxophonist Dr. Brian Levy is an absolute fireball. His soulful intensity, fueled by a keen intellect, begs this answer to an age old question: “Yes, there’s a doctor in the house.” Born in 1975 and originally from San Diego, California, Levy resides in Boston, Massachusetts where he’s currently a faculty member of the New England Conservatory.

Guitarist Paul Braendle, born in 1992, cites a small town in southern Germany as his birthplace. He’s a relative newcomer to the world’s jazz stage, so watch out for this young man! While there are those who choose to display a flashy style of guitar theatrics, Paul seems content to gently pull you, the listener, into his web; a carefully woven tapestry of sound. By Paul’s playing one might be driven to the thought “the truth is spoken here”.

Beware the forceful throb, challenging and propelling the RHQ to new heights, as issued by
bassist Will Woodard. His decades as a mainstay on the New York City jazz scene, during which he has worked with many of the world's best jazz musicians, have helped cement Will’s status as a “keeper of the flame.”

From Detroit, Michigan (The Motor City) hails drummer Rick Hollander. Like Woodard, Rick was born in 1956 and bore witness to the musical and societal upheaval of the 1960’s and ‘70’s. Now, when Hollander takes to the drum throne, you’ll hear a musician that possesses the empathy to accompany, coupled with the strength and vision with which to lead. Rick has
worked with many of jazz’s greats, including James Moody, Brad Mehldau, Woody Shaw and
Mike Stern.

The RHQ has the following achievements under its belt:
4 studio CD recordings: Private Ear (YVP Music 3013), Out Here (Timeless Jazz 309),
Accidental Fortune (Concord Jazz 4550), Once Upon A Time (Concord Jazz 4666).
1st Prize Winner of the prestigious Hoeilaart International Jazz Contest (Hoeilaart, Belgium).
The RHQ has taken the stage at, among other venues, the following festivals and clubs:
The Monterey Jazz Festival (Monterey, California), The Blue Note (Tokyo, Japan), The
Yokohama Jazz Festival (Yokohama, Japan), Jazz Festival Gran Canaria (The Canary Islands), The Bimhuis (Amsterdam, Holland), The Green Mill (Chicago, USA), Visiones (New York City, USA), The Royal Horse (Osaka, Japan), Live Spot Rag (Kyoto, Japan), A-Trane (Berlin, Germany), Birdland (Neuburg, Germany), Café Central (Madrid, Spain), Le Duc des Lombards (Paris, France), Kristianstad Jazz Festival (Kristianstad, Sweden), Ben Webster’s (Copenhagen, Denmark), Yoshi’s (Oakland, California), Peabody’s Café (Cleveland, USA), The University of Ohio (Athens, USA), One Step Down (Washington DC, USA), Cicero’s (St. Louis, USA).

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