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Antonio Cuadros De Béjar & Latin Affairs
Color Americano

Andi Maile - Sax, Fl
Janis Hug - Tp
Hartmut Zeller - Keys
Markus Braun - B
Daniel Messina - Dr
Antonio Cuadros De Béjar - Guit., Comp.

Das selbstauferlegte und oft wesentlich künstlerische Exil, welches fast alle südamerikanischen Musiker durchlaufen, hinterließ in Antonio Cuadros De Béjar einen unvermeidlichen und willkommenen Eindruck: Ein unbegrenztes, erweitertes, künstlerisches Universum, ohne sein kulturelles Erbe zu zerstören - das "Color Americano", dessen Erbe er unter den Schatten des Illimani angetreten hatte.

Das, eine hübsche Kritik aus dem Ausland:

The perfect fusion of Latin, contemporary and straight ahead jazz, Antonio Cuadros de Bejar has found the perfect hybrid!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com

A formidable stet surrounds Antonio Cuadros De Bejar as he delivers the cultural by product of his own experience with Color Americano. Latin flair with the contemporary colors and straight ahead swing. Antonio's instrumental style is that harmonic sweet spot somewhere between George Benson and Pat Martino. Smoldering Latin rhythms move effortless below the surface as an A list selection of guests including vocalist Barbara Burkle enhance the texture of a truly unique release. Antonio's cultural heritage if from the Andes' Altiplano or high plain of Bolivia which is a rarity for most western aficionados. This seldom heard yet incredibly significant portion of Latin music is transformed thanks to the forward thinking vision of Antonio with an end result that is fresh, vibrant and loaded with endless crossover possibilities.

Antonio Cuadros De Bejar found his artistic road less traveled take him to Europe, Color Americano may just bring him to the American audience!
Part of the new breed of Latin players embracing a global audience.

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