25.02.2007 | 20:00 | Bix
Andrea Marcelli Trio
In Zusammenarbeit mit dem italienischen Kulturinst

Serge Forte - piano
Davide Petrocca - bass
Andrea Marcelli - drums, composer

This acoustic jazz trio is a combination of European Jazz with
latin/jazz influences. The concert will present Marcelli's new CD and
the repertory will include his tunes from "The European Real Book".

Andrea Marcelli collaborated with Verve/Polygram, Wayne Shorter,
David Liebman, John Patitucci, Ralph Towner and he also played on
"Good bye Lenin". He just released his new CD "Beyond the Blue"
with Eddie Gomez, Mike Stern and Bob Mintzer. Two of his tunes
are included "The European Real Book".
"The themes and instrumental colors seem made for each other,
more like painting than a string of jazz solos."
- Owen Cordles (Jazz Times)
- Wayne Shorter wrote:
"Andrea Marcelli's music is vibrant and thought-provoking as today's
events. Andrea is such a chameleon. When I first heard his music, it
struck me that he played drums, clarinet, percussion, keyboards, and
composed in a
variety of styles that defied classification...moreover, his display
of sensitivity and creative approach to the work produced."

....Marcelli's compositions transcend simple melody,
transporting the listener to places known and unknown, eliciting
hidden emotions...Beyond the Blue represents something of a quantum
for Marcelli as a player, but more notably as a writer.
There's a maturity of concept, a clarity of vision, that makes
Beyond the Blue something of a watershed for Marcelli,
~ John Kelman (www.allaboutjazz.com, February 2005)

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